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Succeed 2020

Succeed 2020 aims to improve North Dakota’s education and workforce development systems and increase students’ achievement in middle grades and high school, access to and success in postsecondary education, and preparation for 21st century careers. The overarching goal for this initiative is bold and ambitious: successful transition from school to college and careers for all North Dakota students.

On October 2, 2017, a Succeed 2020 Showcase was held to honor and highlight the achievements and impacts this initiative has made and continues to make on North Dakota education and future workforce. It welcomed education leaders, legislators, and business representatives to interact with the Regional Education Associations (REAs) as they shared information on lessons learned, strategic activities, and continued collaborative efforts.

Click here to view the event program and view a recording of the event's presentations.


  1. Access to and Success in Rigorous Academic and CTE Programs
    • The Standards-based Instruction (SBI) Project will guide the transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. The SBI process will assist in the implementation of a rigorous curriculum, implementation of effective instructional practices and assessment, and fostering professional growth through learning communities and data teams.
  2. Ongoing College & Career Counseling & Planning
    • Integration of academic and career curricula, which will promote rigor and relevance for all students, with the development and implementation of a district wide comprehensive career development plan.
  3. Targeted and Coordinated Supports
    • Development of processes to identify at-risk students through early warning systems and use of data. Two pilot programs will be conducted as promising practices of targeted supports; 1) Successful Journeys – American Indian Education Project and, 2) Gearing- Up for Middle School Program.


  • NDSS Implementation Guide
    • The Guide was developed to help define "full implementation" of the NDSS based on the Common Core. It serves several functions for principals, teachers and the REAs:
      • Identify key components for full implementation
      • Establish a common language/common understanding around NDSS implementation
      • Assist schools in identifying areas of professional learning
      • Assist REAs in developing and delivering professional learning
  • Comprehensive Career Development Plan
    • This 6-12 Career Development Plan is a guide or example for schools to consider when creating their own career development plan. Lessons were created using N.D resources including Roads to Success, RUReadyND.com, and Career Outlook and Users Guide 2013-2014.
  • Work-Based Learning Manual
    • Work-based learning is a set of instructional strategies that engages employers and schools in providing learning experiences for students.
  • Gearing up for Middle School
    • Gearing up for Middle Schools provides support by improving transitions to middle school, providing learning activities and parent education opportunities, and partnering with local schools to work with incoming middle school children and their families.
  • Just in Time Math
    • Just in Time Mathematics is a two-year professional learning focusing on teaching and learning the N.D. State Standards for Mathematics. Each session incorporates grade-specific, mathematical content along with the mathematical practice standards through the lens of best teaching and learning strategies.
  • Successful Journeys: Fargo/West Fargo Indian Education Program
    • The Successful Journeys project focuses on research-based strategies that increase academic achievement, reduce the drop-out rate and increase attendance for American Indian students in Fargo and West Fargo schools.