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PELI® Assessment (3-5 year olds)

PELI® is a storybook-embedded assessment of essential pre-literacy and oral language skills needed for kindergarten. Designed to identify students who are experiencing difficulties acquiring these skills, PELI® provides information to guide the instructional support needed to improve future reading outcomes. Assessing preschool and pre-kindergarten students with PELI® allows educators to get a clear picture of alphabet knowledge, vocabulary and oral language, phonological awareness, and listening comprehension.

The PELI® assessment measures:

  • alphabet knowledge
  • vocabulary and oral language
  • phonological awareness
  • listening comprehension

Overview of Subtests:

  • Alphabet Knowledge
  • Vocabulary and Oral Language
  • Phonological Awareness

Overview of Data Available:

  • Composite Scores
  • Benchmark Goals
  • Cut Points for Risk